Your DOG is your workout partner!  What You Get:

  • Health evaluation, behavioral consultation & one on one obedience lesson
  • 1 hour exercise and training bootcamp with a certified fitness trainer with dog training experience
  • Membership to site & welcome folder (includes dog training materials for homework)
  • On going support throughout program (even for home!)
  • 614-558-3548

What We Do

Thank Dog!® Bootcamp is the place where exercise and dog obedience training is taken one step further.

We are the nation’s first outdoor fitness program that combines dog training, weight training, and cardio training for dogs and their people.

This fun and challenging workout was designed by qualified professionals (both dog and fitness – trainers) to stimulate the mind, focus on the body, and create a soulful connection that will bond you and your dog forever!

We’re the one-stop fitness program where everything gets done in an hour ( saving time and money) and nobody is left behind (or at home in this case)!

By enlisting in our bootcamp, you’ll not only get the body you’ve always wanted, you’ll have a well trained, happy dog too!

Let’s face it…you need exercise everyday, your dog needs exercised everyday and you both need obedience training to have a long, happy, stress free life together.

At Thank Dog! Bootcamp…Your DOG is your workout partner!